Professional Services

Professional Services Will Reduce Stress at Work

Utilizing professional services ensures that your company stays up-to-date with the latest in technology. By routinely updating computers, servers and other devices used for your business you increase productivity while guaranteeing your company is running efficiently. This decrease of work related stress is achieved by an increase in organization, an improvement in communication and customer service, an increase in overall mobility and accessibility and improved recoverability and continuity of business.

Increased Organization

Professional service consultants dedicate their time to producing and implementing custom infrastructure designs that will best benefit and help your company to do business. This design increases the network’s ability to function by improving server speed and uptime. Acquiring this higher level of organization means that your daily tasks will progress more smoothly while taking less time to be completed, which will minimize the amount of stress that generally comes when conducting said tasks in an unorganized network environment.

Improvement in Communication

Keeping your devices and network up-to-date means that the connections and applications will run at their greatest efficiency. This allows for faster and more reliable communication within the system and between users. The real-time communication will prove to increase output and overall business performance by making sure users receive notifications, messages and important emails without interruption. And without the lack of delay that is common among older or outdated cabling, your work will become less of a hassle and more of an enjoyable, tension free experience.

Increased Mobility and Accessibility

With the newer features that professional services will provide you with, come an added benefit, mobility. The use of professional services allows your employees to expand upon the places that they can work and how they work. Increasing and advancing the abilities of both the devices and the systems within your business, ultimately gives people liberty to access documents on the go and from places outside the office. This gives them the opportunity to improve and control where they work, which undoubtedly limits the amount of stress that an individual would be susceptible to while increasing the quality of work that they put out.

Recoverability and Continuity

One of the greatest stressors related to businesses is loss of progress or work that can be a consequence of poor system upkeep. Professional services provides you with a way to safeguard your important documents and projects by maintaining and building upon your network’s integrity and functionality. Keeping in mind that the company’s needs are what is most important in business, professional service consultants design the infrastructure with future goals in mind. This is prudent to business continuity and the reduction of stress in the work place, as the designed network will always be one that works for and with the company.

Boston Celtics Draftees

The 2015 NBA Draft: Who Did the Boston Celtics Get?

The NBA draft is the time of year when college players who showed potential are recruited by professional teams and given the opportunity to prove themselves to the world, or at least to the dedicated NBA fans around the globe. The Boston Celtics 2015 NBA Draft picks (16th, 28th, 33rd. and 45th) allowed them to add some of the most promising young players in the game to their team. So, who are these young men that the Boston Celtics signed?

16th Pick – Terry Rozier

The Celtics’ first pick was Terry Rozier, a point guard who played college ball for the Louisville Cardinals. This 6’2” basketball star attended Shaker Height High School in Ohio, and averaged 26 points his senior year, helping the team achieve their overall season record of 21-3. After moving to the college level, as a sophomore, he led his team in number of points scored (17 points per game) and made the AAC All-Rookie Team in 2014. March of 2015 is when he declared for the NBA Draft.

28th Pick – RJ Hunter

The Celtics’ second pick was RJ Hunter, a shooting guard who played for the Georgia State Panthers. His freshman year of college, Hunter was the leading scorer on 15 separate occasions which resulted in him being presented with numerous prestigious awards throughout the season. Hunter finished that year with 527 points, which was a school record, making him just one of three freshmen in the country to have an average of at least 17 points per game. His points per game only increased as the years passed, in his junior season he averaged his career high of 19.7 points per game, and a total of 688 points for the season. His 202 free throws last season placed him 7th for the entire NCAA.

33rd Pick – Jordan Mickey

The Celtics’ third pick was Jordan Mickey, a power forward from LSU. This 6’8” rebound king was considered a four-star recruit by and in 2013 he was considered the 12th top power forward in the nation. Mickey led the division 1 in blocks per game last season, throughout his career he has been one to watch where blocks where concerned. His freshman year he had a season total of 106 and his sophomore year he had a season total of 113. Mickey was only second to Shaquille O’Neal in LSU player history to block over 100 shots. Although he experienced some shoulder and ankle injuries during his last season, he is definitely a player to look out for.

45th Pick – Marcus Thornton

The Celtics’ fourth pick was Marcus Thornton, a high scoring guard from William & Mary. A player who wasn’t as known as the others and whose pick came as a bit of a surprise. Regardless of the uncertainty he felt in respect to the possibility of him being drafted prior to its occurrence, Thornton was a player who crushed William & Mary’s shooting records and averaged 20 points per game. His promise was seen by the Celtics as they made note that 40.2 percent of 3 pointers were made and he was named Colonial Athletic Association’s player of the year.