Managed Services

How Managed Services Improves Cash Flow

Businesses depend on technology to be up and running at all times. Critical data is stored electronically, such as customer payment information, sales data and inventory figures. The network is used for communicating, billing and more. If there is ever an issue with your technology, every minute of downtime costs you money and precious minutes you don’t need to be wasting. If you depend on calling an outside IT expert at the time of the crisis, it is going to take even longer to get up and running while they take the time to come to your business, diagnose the problem and then get it up and running again.


We all know that in the business community, time is money. That’s why you shouldn’t be wasting any time with IT support that is not on board 24/7. A better way to secure your technology is with IT managed services. With NCGIT as your IT managed service provider, your system will be constantly monitored, so it is always up and running and secure. When your network is always in optimum shape, your profits are sure to increase. Here are a few ways IT managed services will improve your company’s cash flow:

Predictable Costs with Managed Services

When you have to hire an IT expert last minute, there can be no telling how long the job will take and how severe the damage is. The costs for their services can start to skyrocket in no time. When you have a contract with an IT managed service provider, you have already established a set amount that will be paid monthly or however often you agreed upon in the contract. When you already have your IT costs figured out, the business can free up other monies to focus on the company’s growth.


The process of patching is repetitive and tedious and must be regularly focused on. The majority of businesses do not have the internal resources or extra time available to wade through the heaps of possible bug, kernel and security repairs that eventually turn into basic maintenance of a business’s infrastructure over its lifetime. Your managed service provider will take care of this task for you, allowing updates to seamlessly flow into the internal IT process. This equals less downtime for the company and less wasted money and resources.

Data Backup

With everything that is stored in the network, it can be the end of your business if you suddenly have a disaster that wipes out your stored critical data. If you aren’t forced to shut down, you will at the least be spending tons of money on recovery, and face your reputation being tarnished. With IT managed services, a data backup and recovery plan is put into place so in the event of a disaster or a security breach, you can continue working seamlessly and not have to spend thousands on recovery.

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Sports Technology

Statcast is Changing Sports Technology

Statcast has changed the way we watch the game. In 2014, we got sneak peek at the new tracking system. The real-time data collection system gives viewers and teams an in-depth look at all aspects of the game. If you want to see how fast a pitch was, the distance a ball travels, Verlander’s spin rates, and the speed of your favorite player, Statcast breaks it all down for you, and it does so much more than that.

What is Statcast and Why Should You Care?

The MLB introduced us to the Statcast system at the St. Louis Cardinals and Washington Nationals game in April. Fox, ESPN and Turner all use the tracking system now to provide an in-depth look at the game. So what is Statcast?

Statcast is an advanced sports technology that tracks, gathers, and displays statistics about the game, which were immeasurable in the past. The system is in every Major League park. Statcast uses advanced sports technology and precise, high-resolution cameras to track every movement on the field. From the speed of the ball to the velocity of a bat, Statcast captures it in real-time and publishes the information for the viewers.

Why should we care about such numbers? Well, who is the best pitcher in the league, which catcher whips the ball to second base the most, or who has the most career catches as shortstop? Now Statcast can tell us. The impact Statcast has on the League extends beyond resolving baseball fan squabbles about the best grabs and most powerful hits. Statcast affects training, drafts, and recruiting as well.

What does Statcast Measure?

Statcast uses an advanced metrics system to collect data about pitching and batting velocities, pitcher release points, the pitch of a bat during a swing, the time a pitcher takes to deliver a pitch, and the speed of batters and defensive players.

Statcast gave us a glimpse into Jackie Bradley Jr.’s pitch and the pure power behind the missile. Statcast gives Red Sox fans a renewed sense of superiority over the Yankees as they witness first-hand just how impressive the boys in red are on the field.

Statcast will Change the Future of the Game

Training has improved greatly with the help from Statcast. Trainers and coaches know exactly what went wrong, why a pitch went awry, why a batter missed a ball, and how many steps short the baserunner was from making it home. Such data and insight into the game transforms the way players are coached and trained. While observing what went right and what went wrong, players can adjust accordingly to make it to base quicker, slide into home more, deliver more strikes, slam more balls past the outfielders, and to make moves that play on the other team’s weaknesses. By utilizing improved sports technology teams and officials will be able to compare past and current performance to diagnose concerns, improve the accuracy of the player, and to increase the number of wins.

Teams are already using the analytics technology to find the best draft picks for a well-rounded team and more successful season.