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3 Myths About Outsourcing IT that Are Losing You Money

Outsourcing IT is the practice of seeking resources – or subcontracting – outside of business for all or part of an IT function. When an organization gives responsibility to someone else to handle an aspect of the company, there will be some risk involved. You are entrusting a company to handle data center operations, application maintenance, disaster recovery, and network management and operations. Legend has it that outsourcing your IT will lose your business money. Here are the top three common misconceptions about outsourcing IT.

Loss of Quality

The original motivation that drove the practice of outsourcing was the appeal of cost reduction. “Contrary to popular belief, outsourcing is not a quick fix for a cost reduction,” explains Sandra De Soyza, Group Chief Customer Officer for Dialog Telekom. She continues, “Outsourcing is not a quick fix for a cost reduction. Outsourcing is always a strategic long term decision. Productivity enhancements and cost reductions are outcomes of the expertise that is brought in as a core competence from the outsourced services provider, by ways of a model, a structure, a strong knowledge bank as well as the intent of being in the business that everyone wants to shelve off.” Most companies have discovered that outsourcing has increased the quality of service over the years.

Loss of Control

The fear of not having direct control over every business operation holds a lot of companies back from investing in outsourcing. Why would a company want to not only trust someone else with representing their brand but also potentially pay for the misrepresentation? How often do people outsource their taxes to a CPA? Allow the outsourced IT experts to handle your infrastructure and stop worrying about the finer details.

Language Barrier

The most common misconception about outsourcing is the language barrier companies are afraid to face. Businesses do not want to deal with unnecessary headaches that come from outsourced IT specialists from various offshore firms. Many businesses decide to outsource offshore as their least-expensive option, while not considering the time and aggravation spent on communication issues. However, the present industry is full of well versed agents, fluent and contextually aware of the languages they provide support for. Don’t be afraid to outsource to local firms who can cost effectively guide you and deliver quality of service.

Deciding to outsource is an investment that requires forethought, research, and support. Let NCGIT exceed your expectations, surpass your standards, and deliver exceptional customer service. Technology can be challenging at times, but we’ve got the solutions.

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Top 5 Ways Managed IT Support Can Increase Profit

Managed IT support is defined as a set of onsite or remotely-delivered services that are prepaid for on a recurring basis. Managed Service Providers (MSPs) assume complete responsibility for the management and delivery of these services and their outcomes. According to the CompTIA study, “46% of managed IT service users have cut their annual IT costs by 25% or more and 50% of managed IT service users have cut their annual IT costs between 1 to 24%.” Having unlimited access to IT support at one flat, monthly rate can increase business profits, and here’s a few ways how.

Flat Rate

Businesses of all sizes can reap the benefits of having a fully dedicated team of certified IT professionals all for an affordable, flat monthly rate. A fixed monthly payment plan helps you keep track of what you’re receiving and what to expect. There are no unexpected charges or changes in rates.


Allowing an MSP to proactively monitor your infrastructure by moving your business applications and services into a data center increases performance of staff and reduces downtime. Centralizing your important business systems within data centers will eliminate excessive hardware and decrease the cost generated from overuse of power.


Managed IT support provides regular activity reports every step of the way about averted threats to your technology. A managed IT services offering also provides 24x7x365 support. Enjoy the comfort in knowing that a remote worker will be able to keep your data and applications safe at all times.


Your time is precious and needs to be treated so. No one can afford downtime. With a few hours of proactive maintenance, your business reduces the risk of downtime. Problems that do arise will be resolved immediately in order to halt loss of revenue or production

IT Support

Another major benefit that managed IT support can provide is freeing your internal IT staff to work on specific core business projects in order to generate more revenue. By trusting our IT experts, you remove the need for your staff to handle the mundane day-to-day tasks.

Overall, companies who are using managed IT services are saving money and growing more profitable due to the dedicated support of their IT companies. Allow NCGIT to be your trusted IT advisors and help guide you to the right solutions.