Client Spotlight: Hacin & Associates

Strategic, responsive IT management – That is what NCGIT has been providing Hacin & Associates since 2013 through a strategic IT partnership. At the time, the incumbent IT provider was delivering only break/fix support, spotty proactive network management, and no strategic IT consulting.  Since assuming the role of virtual CIO and network infrastructure manager for Hacin, NCGIT has dramatically changed that situation by providing highly proactive IT infrastructure management and aligned IT solutions and budgets with business goals and strategies. Over the course of the past several years, NCGIT has also helped Hacin & Associates phase in a modernized IT infrastructure. An aging phone system was replaced with a VoIP solution providing highly increased functionality, resiliency, and mobility. The old backup system was replaced with a cloud-based solution providing highly secure, efficient, and robust disaster recovery and business continuity capabilities.  The server infrastructure has been stabilized and a more effective and secure remote access solution has been implemented.  Along with the strategic consulting and infrastructure improvements, NCGIT has provided Hacin with day-to-day proactive infrastructure management and proactive troubleshooting and has very effectively coordinated the IT infrastructure move to a new office space.  Hacin & Associates no longer has to spend time, staff, or inefficient and ineffective budget worrying about current and potential IT problems, and can instead focus on providing world class architecture solutions knowing that instead of being a constant and expensive speed bump in their path, their IT infrastructure is now an effective tool helping them achieve their business goals.

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Improve IT Security

We live in a world where data breaches and hacks are almost a daily news headline, so IT security is vital. The majority of businesses handle customer information, meaning that one weak password could be the ticket for it all to be exposed and in the wrong hands. Ultimately, this type of breach makes trust with your customers virtually non-existent.

Here are few tips to compliment your company toolbox to enhance your business security.


The reality of using short memorable dictionary words is no longer an option if you want security. Want business security? Stop using dictionary words they are ridiculously easy to crack.  Brute-force attacks are becoming more successful as time goes on.

Start by using a password generator: By default, it gives you a 15-character phrase that looks nothing like plain English.


If the thought of having a different password for each service makes you feel overwhelmed, manage them with an application. There are a number of reputable password managers out there. Here are just a few:  DashLane (free/premium option) or LastPass (free/premium option). It’s also wise to regularly change your passwords; once a month is a decent interval. The 20 minutes you’ll spend updating your credentials for all the services you use will more than pay for themselves.

Make a 20-minute date with yourself, put it on your calendar to update your passwords monthly. Taking this time to update your passwords regularly is an excellent ROI.


You know you have done it, skipped over this added measure when setting up your e-mail account or bank account, we have all done it.  DON’T! This security measure puts an extra step in place and is an efficient way to rebuff remote access. WHY DO I NEED THIS? You have your number on file with your bank account and they will send you a verification code via text when a hacker attempts to log into your account from a different IP address.  If you are vacationing and it was you, then you can enter the code and all is well. For a hacker to access this account, they would have to have access to your phone.

Now is the critical time to find an IT partner that will protect all of your devices.

At NCGIT, we are focused on building strategic partnerships with each client while addressing their IT needs. If you’d like to learn more about what NCGIT can do for you, please contact us at (781)297-7590 or

2017: Tech Trends to Watch

IT has evolved leaps and bounds in the last decade. Technology is advancing faster than ever before, and the IT support industry is no exception; it is not slowing down. Consider that 15-20 years ago we wouldn’t have believed that cloud computing is a thing and VR headsets were smartphone accessories.  Today, they are a reality.

The year 2017 is bringing us more tech trends that will dictate where we are headed.

Cloud and Remote IT Support


Gone are the days where an IT team is dependent on geographic locations.  Today’s technical support jobs have stepped out of the ‘box’ and diversified.  An IT support team can be thousands of miles from their client working in a satellite location, a tech’s condo, a satellite office, in an unassigned cubical in your office, and/or a beach in Hawaii.

With the space between a tech support team and you, it is easier for less effective IT partners to claim stellar service.  Be sure to look for an IT partner that will meet with you face-to-face, have a conversation regarding your needs, and be available when you need them.

Intelligent Things

Intelligent Things? There are three categories of ‘things’: autonomous vehicles, drones, and robots. A new era of digital business is upon us with each of these segments evolving to support and impact a larger piece of the market. Existing things including the IoT (Internet of Things) devices will become more intelligent to provide the power of AI integrated systems in an office, factory buildings, homes, airports and medical facilities. Kitchen appliances, thermostats, and cars are just a few of the devices that can now connect to the internet. Gone are the days of just smartphones and tablets connecting.  Connectivity such as this makes our devices way more useful but also opens them up to hackers trying to connect remotely. Data breaches are often reported in the news; no company wants it to happen.

Cisco estimated 15 billion devices were connected to the internet last year, according to The Motley Fool. The company expects that to balloon to 50 billion by 2020.

Now is the critical point to find an IT Partner that will protect All of your devices.

At NCGIT, we are focused on building strategic partnerships with each client while addressing their IT needs. If you’d like to learn more about what NCGIT can do for you, please contact us at (781)297-7590 or