We are a small business, like you, and we understand small business needs and challenges.  You need IT solutions that are easy to use, reliable, robust, and available where and when you want to use them.  You want to focus on your business and on making money, not on making your IT work.  We get it.  Our mission is to help you turn this stress-free IT dream into a reality.

Why do your clients come to you?  It’s because you have a great deal of specialized expertise in your field and you provide your clients with skills, knowledge, and services that they can’t or don’t have on staff.  In short, you allow your clients to achieve the successful business outcomes they could not realistically hope to achieve on their own.  This is exactly the same kind of business value we provide to our clients from an IT perspective.  We help you to achieve the successful business outcomes that you couldn’t realistically achieve on your own.

If your employees, or worse yet you, are constantly trying to keep your network running and assisting with technology issues, your business is not running at peak efficiency and is not focused on the activities that generate more revenue. You and your in-house staff should be focused on the tasks that will drive profits and grow your business, not on the minutia of day-to-day responsibilities. Let us worry about your technology so you and your employees can focus on the main goal of your company:  making more money.

We become your:

  • Virtual CIO working with management to create an overall business strategy that allows technology solutions to overcome your business challenges.
  • IT Vendor Liaison working with your external IT vendors to manage and maintain your ongoing relationships and licenses
  • Network Administrators keeping an eye on your servers, networks, and cloud solutions to ensure that everything is running in tip top shape
  • Service Desk assisting with day-to-day IT questions and end-user help requests

When you partner with NCGIT, you can focus on your core business, such as your direction, strategies, and growth, instead of being bogged down by technology concerns. The end result of partnering with our information technology team? You’ll make more money, save time, and achieve your business goals.