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The Most Innovative Technology Powering the 2018 Super Bowl

Sourced from Inc.com Drones, AR, and digital media have all changed the big game. Here’s what’s new this year. Millions of eyes will be on the playing field when the Eagles take on the Patriots at Super Bowl LII. Some of you will be watching and analyzing the ads and picking those winners and losers. […]

Teams Getting More Exposure on Social Media Than TV

Sourced from CNBC Carolin Roth, Lucy Handley, special to CNBC | Wednesday, 22 Mar 2017 March Madness – the main season for U.S. college basketball – generated $1.24 billion of TV ad dollars in 2016 according to Kantar Media, making it the second most valuable post-season sports tournament in the U.S. And while advertisers in […]

Pavement lights guide ‘smartphone zombies’

Sourced from BBC.com Pavement lights have been installed at a pedestrian crossing in a Netherlands town to help smartphone users cross the road safely. The light strips are designed to catch the eye of people looking down at their device, and change colour to match traffic signals. The lure of games and social media has […]

How to avoid dangerous websites

Use the built-in search engine filters Many modern search engines provide a way to do a ‘safer’ search when using their search engine.  As an example, Google allows users to toggle on or off a ‘safe search filtering’ option at the Advanced Search page. Not only do these built-in filters work well, but they are […]

Client Spotlight: CAP Systems

A modern, cloud based solution for both its internal needs and, most importantly, for providing its hosted solution in a highly secure, highly available, and scalable way to Community Action, Human Service and Head Start Agencies across the US – This is the challenge CAP Systems engaged NCGIT to solve.  The primary goal for CAP […]

How to Identify a Phishing Email

Q.  I’ve received emails from my bank that I suspect are fraudulent, but I’m nervous about ignoring them. What should I do? A.  First, check the sender’s email address for misspellings. Fraudsters trying to lure you with a phishing scam might use an address that’s similar to a company’s official one, but not exactly the […]

Tackling Tech: The NFL – Taking Tech to the Bank

Sourced from Patriots.com By Bob Wallace Tackling Tech bobmwallace@comcast.net  @fastforwardbob   Before the NFL heads into the 2016 exhibition season, remember to keep your eyes wide open for the following, tech-driven works-in-progress across the league. Together they will define how we consume America’s game in the stands and at home for many years to come. […]