Improve IT Security

We live in a world where data breaches and hacks are almost a daily news headline, so IT security is vital. The majority of businesses handle customer information, meaning that one weak password could be the ticket for it all to be exposed and in the wrong hands. Ultimately, this type of breach makes trust with your customers virtually non-existent.

Here are few tips to compliment your company toolbox to enhance your business security.


The reality of using short memorable dictionary words is no longer an option if you want security. Want business security? Stop using dictionary words they are ridiculously easy to crack.  Brute-force attacks are becoming more successful as time goes on.

Start by using a password generator: By default, it gives you a 15-character phrase that looks nothing like plain English.


If the thought of having a different password for each service makes you feel overwhelmed, manage them with an application. There are a number of reputable password managers out there. Here are just a few:  DashLane (free/premium option) or LastPass (free/premium option). It’s also wise to regularly change your passwords; once a month is a decent interval. The 20 minutes you’ll spend updating your credentials for all the services you use will more than pay for themselves.

Make a 20-minute date with yourself, put it on your calendar to update your passwords monthly. Taking this time to update your passwords regularly is an excellent ROI.


You know you have done it, skipped over this added measure when setting up your e-mail account or bank account, we have all done it.  DON’T! This security measure puts an extra step in place and is an efficient way to rebuff remote access. WHY DO I NEED THIS? You have your number on file with your bank account and they will send you a verification code via text when a hacker attempts to log into your account from a different IP address.  If you are vacationing and it was you, then you can enter the code and all is well. For a hacker to access this account, they would have to have access to your phone.

Now is the critical time to find an IT partner that will protect all of your devices.

At NCGIT, we are focused on building strategic partnerships with each client while addressing their IT needs. If you’d like to learn more about what NCGIT can do for you, please contact us at (781)297-7590 or

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The Perks of IT Consulting Services

By definition, IT consulting services aim toward advising a business with the best practices for their technology. This includes the advice of price estimations, management, implementation, deployment, and administration for the IT products serviced. Typically, businesses who are on the prowl for these services are those that are trying to take their company to the next competitive level. If there are problems that a business owner is unfamiliar with, they will seek out advice using an IT consultant’s expertise. The perks of IT consulting services include the opportunity to be more cost effective with technology, professionalism from IT experts, extensive IT knowledge, and IT security consultants.

Fixed Fee (recurring) IT Consulting

A recurring, fixed fee IT consulting contract applies only to projects that fall under IT managed services. These services typically include:

  • Infrastructure refreshment projects
  • Infrastructure capacity planning
  • Network design

IT Experts

IT consultants have required professional licenses and degrees that provide each specialist with enough knowledge to fully support a company in accounting, IT services or management advice. IT consultants generally have degrees in computer science, electronics, technology, or management information systems.

IT Knowledge

When you entrust in an IT consultant, you equip your business with true professionals. IT consultants have a few basic skills:

  • Advisory skills
  • Technical skills
  • Business Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Management Skills
  • Advisory Language Skills
  • Technical Language Skills

IT Security Consultants

The safety of your businesses technology is of utmost importance. You want professionals who will defend your business data from unauthorized access, use, disclosure, disruption, modification, or destruction.
If you want to learn more about the perks of IT consulting, please don’t hesitate to start here: NCGIT  

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3 Myths About Outsourcing IT that Are Losing You Money

Outsourcing IT is the practice of seeking resources – or subcontracting – outside of business for all or part of an IT function. When an organization gives responsibility to someone else to handle an aspect of the company, there will be some risk involved. You are entrusting a company to handle data center operations, application maintenance, disaster recovery, and network management and operations. Legend has it that outsourcing your IT will lose your business money. Here are the top three common misconceptions about outsourcing IT.

Loss of Quality

The original motivation that drove the practice of outsourcing was the appeal of cost reduction. “Contrary to popular belief, outsourcing is not a quick fix for a cost reduction,” explains Sandra De Soyza, Group Chief Customer Officer for Dialog Telekom. She continues, “Outsourcing is not a quick fix for a cost reduction. Outsourcing is always a strategic long term decision. Productivity enhancements and cost reductions are outcomes of the expertise that is brought in as a core competence from the outsourced services provider, by ways of a model, a structure, a strong knowledge bank as well as the intent of being in the business that everyone wants to shelve off.” Most companies have discovered that outsourcing has increased the quality of service over the years.

Loss of Control

The fear of not having direct control over every business operation holds a lot of companies back from investing in outsourcing. Why would a company want to not only trust someone else with representing their brand but also potentially pay for the misrepresentation? How often do people outsource their taxes to a CPA? Allow the outsourced IT experts to handle your infrastructure and stop worrying about the finer details.

Language Barrier

The most common misconception about outsourcing is the language barrier companies are afraid to face. Businesses do not want to deal with unnecessary headaches that come from outsourced IT specialists from various offshore firms. Many businesses decide to outsource offshore as their least-expensive option, while not considering the time and aggravation spent on communication issues. However, the present industry is full of well versed agents, fluent and contextually aware of the languages they provide support for. Don’t be afraid to outsource to local firms who can cost effectively guide you and deliver quality of service.

Deciding to outsource is an investment that requires forethought, research, and support. Let NCGIT exceed your expectations, surpass your standards, and deliver exceptional customer service. Technology can be challenging at times, but we’ve got the solutions.