Improve IT Security

We live in a world where data breaches and hacks are almost a daily news headline, so IT security is vital. The majority of businesses handle customer information, meaning that one weak password could be the ticket for it all to be exposed and in the wrong hands. Ultimately, this type of breach makes trust with your customers virtually non-existent.

Here are few tips to compliment your company toolbox to enhance your business security.


The reality of using short memorable dictionary words is no longer an option if you want security. Want business security? Stop using dictionary words they are ridiculously easy to crack.  Brute-force attacks are becoming more successful as time goes on.

Start by using a password generator: By default, it gives you a 15-character phrase that looks nothing like plain English.


If the thought of having a different password for each service makes you feel overwhelmed, manage them with an application. There are a number of reputable password managers out there. Here are just a few:  DashLane (free/premium option) or LastPass (free/premium option). It’s also wise to regularly change your passwords; once a month is a decent interval. The 20 minutes you’ll spend updating your credentials for all the services you use will more than pay for themselves.

Make a 20-minute date with yourself, put it on your calendar to update your passwords monthly. Taking this time to update your passwords regularly is an excellent ROI.


You know you have done it, skipped over this added measure when setting up your e-mail account or bank account, we have all done it.  DON’T! This security measure puts an extra step in place and is an efficient way to rebuff remote access. WHY DO I NEED THIS? You have your number on file with your bank account and they will send you a verification code via text when a hacker attempts to log into your account from a different IP address.  If you are vacationing and it was you, then you can enter the code and all is well. For a hacker to access this account, they would have to have access to your phone.

Now is the critical time to find an IT partner that will protect all of your devices.

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3 IT Solutions for Every Organization

Your business is bound to have unique qualities and offerings that make it stand out from the crowd. But one thing that all organizations, no matter how big or small, rely on is a sound technology infrastructure and the right IT solutions to support long-term growth.

In 2013, Dell and Intel published the results of a study of approximately 1,000 small to midsize businesses (SMBs) and found that technology plays a huge role in their success. In fact, 77 percent of respondents said that technology is the key to their growth. On top of that, 69 percent of startups and SMBs said that some form of technology supports daily operations within their business.

Without having the right IT solutions to support your work processes, you wouldn’t be able to carry out basic functions within your company. Here are three IT solutions that every organization could benefit from.

Hosted Phone Systems

The rise of hosted phone systems has transformed the business communications landscape. Unlike traditional landline telephone service, hosted phone systems are managed and maintained by an outsourced phone provider who handles everything for you. From initial installation to ongoing maintenance and upgrades, your phone needs are always taken care of. Because hosted phone systems exist off-premise and use VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) technology, you can experience increased security, flexibility, and cost-efficiency.

Remote Desktop Applications

Having the right IT solutions can allow your workforce to make better use of remote capabilities and mobility. Imagine having access to your work computer, and all the critical data stored on it, even when you’re out of the office. With the cloud, you can have remote access whenever you want – giving you a competitive edge when it comes to running and improving your business. Remote desktop applications allow you to stay connected even when you’re not physically at your desk. By being able to view or modify your documents and files from your computer, smartphone, or tablet, you can get more done while you’re on the go.

Proactive Support & Maintenance

What’s the difference between reactive and proactive support? Reactive IT support means your technology only gets fixed after something goes wrong. With proactive support, you have a team of technical specialists constantly monitoring your network for potential issues that could disrupt your business. This means that your network has a drastically better chance of staying healthy and free of security risks, cyber attacks, and glitches. With managed services, you gain unlimited IT solutions and support that boosts your success. By outsourcing your IT, you not only free up time to focus on the core of your mission, but you also gain valuable access to technology experts who always have your best interests at heart.

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Simple IT Solutions to Solve Your Business Pain Points

Finding What Your Pain Points Are

Are you looking to solve your business pain points? Well, the first thing that you need to do is figure out exactly what those pain points are, and then dig below the surface level. For example, your surface issue might be that your employees are having trouble finishing projects on time. This is an identifiable problem, but it might be difficult to understand why it is happening without digging deeper. Upon greater analysis, you might find that your employees aren’t finishing projects on time because they need to send large files back and forth. This is a challenge that can be overcome with the right IT solutions, such as cloud computing services that allow multiple parties to view and edit a document in the cloud. Once you’ve determined your pain points, you can figure out what IT solutions you need to address and solve your business challenges.

Managed Services

Managed service solutions are useful for times when you need to solve an automation problem. Making and receiving payments, backing up your systems, and complying with government regulations are just a few things that you can do through automation. Automation frees up more time and resources for you to allocate towards business activities that promote growth. Instead of having to handle day-to-day processes manually, you can spend more time managing your business with the benefits of workflow automation. Businesses of all sizes and industries use managed services in order to make their employees more productive.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is one of the most popular IT solutions because it solves many challenges at once. Cloud computing helps to quicken the pace of projects, allowing your employees to meet deadlines faster, and boosts collaboration in the workplace. It also helps for sharing large files and acts as a natural backup for your systems.

Network Security

Network security is an important part of any business, and it’s becoming a hot topic in the IT realm. Your critical files and your customers’ data need to be protected from hackers and data thieves who have grown sneakier and more cunning in their methods than ever before. If you are worried about the security of your systems, you can shore up your weak points and strengthen your defenses through network security services.

Complete IT Package

More and more IT firms are offering complete IT service packages — everything from managed services to IT consulting — all in a single package that clients pay for on a monthly basis. These packages allow clients who aren’t as IT savvy to get all of the services and IT solutions they need in one place, while paying a predictable expense that they can budget for.