Client Spotlight: CAP Systems

A modern, cloud based solution for both its internal needs and, most importantly, for providing its hosted solution in a highly secure, highly available, and scalable way to Community Action, Human Service and Head Start Agencies across the US – This is the challenge CAP Systems engaged NCGIT to solve.  The primary goal for CAP was transitioning its old solution from one that ran at client sites and on client provided servers, to a new, fully cloud hosted solution.  At the same time, they wanted to remove the need for an in-house IT infrastructure and provide improved accessibility for its increasingly distributed workforce.

NCGIT worked with CAP Systems to design and implement a solution for each of their requirements.  For email, file sharing, and collaboration, we migrated them to Microsoft’s hosted Office 365 solution.  Phones were also of critical importance for CAP so we helped them implement RingCentral’s hosted PBX solution which allows their distributed workforce to communicate with each other and with clients via desk phone, mobile phone app, or computer soft phone anywhere in the world as if they were all in the same office.  The final and most important piece of the project was implementing the new cloud infrastructure for their new hosted Enterprise Client Data Management Software solution.  This is being done using Microsoft’s Azure Infrastructure as a Service offering.  CAP is now able to rapidly add or remove servers and resources as needed in a highly secure, highly available environment to its customers.

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About CAP Systems

CAP Systems, Inc. has been providing software for Community Action, Human Service, and Head Start Agencies for more than 40 years.  Originally in the consulting and custom systems development business, PMI/CAPS developed systems for many Fortune 500 companies and United Nations Agencies. We are dedicated to a continuing investment in new technology and a commitment to providing our customers with the most powerful tools available.

Our original Financial System, designed in 1972 for Community Action Agencies, was the first fund accounting system in the nation.  The system has expanded over the years to include modules that address every aspect of the fiscal and administrative functions of Community Action.  Today CAPS is involved in the development of software for:
·       Head Start
·       Child Care
·       Energy Assistance
·       Weatherization
·       Information and Referral
·       Individual and Family Needs Assessment
·       Outcomes and Results Measurement
·       Case Management
·       Benefits Administration
·       Client Tracking, CSBG Reporting
·       Analysis of Client Characteristics
·       Health and many more activities typically associated with Community Action

The Cloud

The Truth About the Cloud

The cloud can do wonders for your business, your personal life, and your education, right? Well, that is what the sales pitch is, but what is the cloud? Is it as whimsical and carefree as it sounds, or it is yet another technology that will come and go with time and take down a few identities and data along with it? Relax. We can help you better understand the cloud, its truth, its benefits, and the concerns that continue to plague its existence.

What is the Cloud?

The cloud may appear invisible to you, but is in fact a larger structure of networks at off-site locations that permit users to store data over the Internet instead of directly on a user’s hard drive. The storage of data remotely permits users to better protect themselves from IT disasters, insulate their personal and business data from security threats, it encourages portability, and it allows multiple authorized users to access shared information via an Internet connection without requiring each person to be in the same location.

What you Need to Know

First, before you decide on a cloud service, you must remember not all cloud services are created equally. It is important to know exactly where your information and data is stored. Is it domestic or international? Do not do business with a company that houses your date internationally. When your information is stored outside of the U.S., your privacy is at the mercy of the governing body of that particular country. However, the U.S. doesn’t exactly have a squeaky-clean record for valuing the privacy of its citizens when it comes to digital security. What you need to know as an informed consumer is how your cloud service controls and responds to requests for your personal or business information.

It is important to note that business clouds and personal clouds are not the same, and they do not provide the same levels of protection for users. Personal cloud services are simple, do not usually require as much maintenance and security, and they are rarely accompanied by a dedicated support team. Business cloud services, when supported by a trained team of experts, provide businesses and users with support, servicing, capacity and dedication simply not offered by personal cloud solutions. A professional managed services team assists business owners with developing an effective cloud strategy that accommodates the needs of the business, it provides businesses with 24/7 support and system monitoring, it responds immediately to failures, and performs updates to the cloud to ensure data protection.

Choosing a cloud provider is not an easy decision. Your company and its reputation are on the line, so the decision must be an informed one. Do your research and read the contract thoroughly. One you do establish a cloud solution, practice smart digital habits to protect yourself and your data. Educate your team, restrict access for some, remove access immediately for departed employees, and be smart when choosing a password.